Our journey

Michael McManus and Matthew Grant

Michael McManus and Matthew Grant


2 years ago Matthew and Michael founded Dust London, a collaborative design company creating homeware from organic materials. Their collection is inspired by origami forms.

Whilst studying art and architecture, they developed creative interests and had talked about collaborating on a project for some time. They began living together in Camberwell, London, and started a search for a local studio space that could accommodate their needs.

Dust London’s approach to design draws on their experience in artist and architecture studios. They span between the sculptural and the decorative to create contemporary homeware. With Dust London, they were keen to step away from the computerised and the mechanistic. Instead they allowed each form to evolve from handmade processes.

They wanted to change the way materials are conventionally used and had an ambition to create objects from natural materials. Tea waste was eventually chosen for its range of natural pigments and subtle textures.

Their growing collection transforms tea waste into elegant objects using a unique process they have developed in their studio through years of experimenting; “We make moulds using traditional origami techniques. To begin with, we carefully separate the tea waste into five variations. Each selection is thoroughly dried and carefully mixed within a non-toxic binder. Once we have achieved the desired consistency, the material is ready to pour.”

They have recently launched a Kickstarter campaign to expand their collection. Currently, each mould is made with a temporary material that limits their ability to scale up production. Each Kickstarter pledge will go towards creating permanent moulds that will allow them to bring more of their designs to life. With each pledge they are recycling more of this waste and with your support their collection can continue to grow.

From the soft and subtle green hues of their peppermint tea range to the rich warmth of the rooibos collection, Dust London achieves a wide variation of colours and surface patterns.

Three distinct objects can be found on their Kickstarter campaign, with each one available in 5 tea variations. These objects celebrate the possibilities in bringing the organic into design.

Dust London’s ambition to change the way we recycle continues to inspire their studio work. In the future they plan to find more innovative ways of transforming natural materials into sculptural pieces of homeware, combining handmade processes with experimental techniques in their studio.