Chamomile tea large planter


Chamomile tea large planter

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Our latest homeware collection transforms tea waste into elegant objects using a unique process we have developed in the studio. We make the planter moulds using traditional origami techniques. We begin with a sheet of paper; scoring, folding and pinching to create the desired form. A key part of this technique is balancing the tension between the curved facets. We then reinforce the paper and work through a series of steps to create a robust and seamless silicone mould. Preparing the planter object for making the mould is a key part of the process to make sure we achieve a smooth surface texture on the finished pieces.

We collect the chamomile tea bags, thoroughly dry them out and blend them so that they are ready to mix with a non-toxic binder.  After much experimentation, we settled on jesmonite as our binding material. A key process in the making to ensure the strength and surface finish of our coasters is balancing the ratios of the chamomile tea waste to the binding material. Once we have achieved the desired consistency, the material is ready to pour.

The planter can be filled with soil which can be watered. It is therefore suitable for a range or indoor or outdoor plants.

Working with tea waste allows us to do two things; the first is to create a range of natural pigments and subtle textures in the planters we create. The second is to raise awareness of the way materials are conventionally used and to challenge the perception of what sustainable design can be. A planter made from tea waste paves the way for those conversations happen. As a nation of tea drinkers, we find that people can relate.

We are working with an organic material which can produce slight variations in the surface finish of our planters. We celebrate the fact that each object we cast is unique and ask our online customers to bear this in mind when purchasing from photographs.


380mm tall x 280mm wide

inside void dimensions

380mm tall x 200mm wide

cork covers whole base


11kg approx.


Chamomile tea waste with jesmonite binder; an eco-friendly water-based fine cement-like material which has no VOC's, and is UV stable. The vase is sealed with 2 layers of penetrating sealer and finished with a polish to give a subtle sheen.


100% hand made in Dust London's London Studio by Michael and Matthew


A cork base to prevent scratching. The cork is sealed for moisture protection and branded with the 'Dust London' logo using a traditional fire-heated branding iron.


Packaged in a self-locking corrugated card board box with block foam protection around the planter. 

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Product care

All of Dust London’s objects are made from organic materials so we have taken steps to protect them. We have applied certified sealing products to guard against surface marks. Each planter has been coated with 2 layers of penetrating sealer, which is absorbed into the pores, and a surface sealer, which gives a thin physical barrier around the planter.

Our sealing process can only go so far in preventing marks from appearing on the surface of the planter. We recommend removing liquids/dirt from the surface with a damp cloth as soon as they appear to ensure they are not absorbed into the planter.

We ask that you take care of the planter as we cannot provide refunds or replacements if marks appear.

The planters can be use in both interior and exterior environments, but please bear in mind that if left out in the rain, water marks may appear on the surface.